2017 Events

We hold events throughout the summer season on our display area.

Saturday 23rd BLOODHOUND SSC – Inspiring the Isle of Man
The BLOODHOUND SSC Land Speed Record car and team will be at the Museum this on Saturday 23rd September. This jet- and rocket-engined machine is attempting to break 1,000 mph so come along to find out more about it and also how components manufactured here on the Isle of Man make it all possible.
We have extended our opening hours on this day to 9am-6pm so that everyone gets a chance to experience BLOODHOUND.
Sunday 1st Pre-Hibernation Day
Bring your pride and joy up to the Museum for one last time before you put it away for the winter!
Friday 10th & Saturday 11th PokerStars Rally Service Area
Get up close and personal with all of the rally cars competing in this years PokerStars Rally. All scrutineering and servicing will take place at the Museum.
Check back soon for our 2018 events